Clap Studio is a creative studio focused on the design of experiences through interiors, products and artistic installations. There are three keywords that represent our work: simplicity, elegance and playfulness.

Alex Hillkurtz is a watercolor painter and storyboard artist living in Paris,

He is a renowned storyboard artist for

feature films, television and commercials. His film credits include “Argo”,

“Almost Famous”, “It’s Complicated” 

He will show you his approach to capturing the depth and feeling of a place, translating that onto your page. Also, he teach you his process and together you will infuse your paintings with new life.

New technologies are changing the way of telling stories and, thanks to them, you can go further and with a greater degree of depth. This is the case of the director of photography and documentaries Yeray Perdomo, who thanks to the drones has been able to approach recondite tribes, jungles, volcanoes and more, coming to film with drones

in more than 50 countries.

Promo made for Islam Channel advertising a thirty days challenge cooking food from all around the world.

A four-part series examining the key factors influencing Islamic finance moving into 2019.

The Health Show (Hajj Special) is a LIVE Programme where you can call in and speak with our experts, doctors and Sheikhs about any Health concerns you may have before you begin your journey.