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I am originally from Madrid, Spain, but moved to London in 2012 to develop my career as a post-production specialist. I worked as a freelancer and also for one of the biggest production companies where my skills excelled substantially. 

I left my position as a post-production manager assistant at a TV channel in the UK and returned to Spain to develop all my skills.

I have years of experience and specialise in a field that I am very passionate about. I have had the opportunity to work across multiple platforms such as TV broadcast, Social Media, Online Magazines, and many more. I have produced a wide variety of Adverts, Documentaries, Interviews, Trailers, Sports Programs, News and the list goes on.

I am a confident, enthusiastic and articulate person. My main strengths are; proactivity, productivity and a high level of consistency. I strive to learn something new from every experience because I believe there is always room for self-improvement, both personally and professionally.

I thrive under pressure and have always produced high-quality work under tight deadlines as I have always believed time management to be key in every success story. Finally, I have strong organisational and interpersonal skills, and competent in a team as autonomously.

I am always looking for new challenges to expand my knowledge and to meet like-minded creative individuals. I’m constantly in competition with my past self - always seeking to do better every time.

Feel free to contact me.

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